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  • Undiscovered for All!

     Undiscovered available for all eBook platforms!

     Thanks to the wonders of Undiscovered is now available for Kindle, iBooks, PDF, mobi, and epub formats. Which basically means just about any type of ereader can be used for reading it. Bookfunnel is a great service for providing the ability to download a book in multiple formats without me trying to play tech support for everyone who wants a copy of the book on their device. At $20 per year, it's pretty hard to beat. So, now I'm just waiting to hear which stories are liked by the readers. (Hint, hint.)

    Subscription to Inside pi

    I've set up a new signup page for subscribing to my regular newsletter, which is now called Inside pi. If you want to know why it's called this, you'll have to go to the sign up page and read about it. ;) Inside pi will provide me with a way to notify my fans and readers with new announcements, special discounts, news about events, and just stay in touch with them without having to blurt out everything to the entire world. So, if you want to stay in touch with what is going on in my writer world, please sign up. If you have entered your information for downloading Undiscovered, well, you're already on the list. 

    Subscribe to Inside pi

    That's it for now. Short, brief, and to the point. Enjoy reading and keep those words flowing. 

  • First Appearance of Air Born by a Vlogger!

    Not really much of a blog post. I just wanted to provide a link to this wonderful Youtube vlogger. I met her at a movie screening for "Everything, Everything". When we were waiting to provide our feedback to the movie studio rep, I introduced myself to her as a writer and she introduced herself as a book reviewer on Youtube. We had a nice conversation and I offered her a book (of course.) So, here's a nice video of her "unboxing" of Air Born. If you want to skip to the Air Born unboxing, it starts around 4:40. But, honestly, it's fun to watch the whole video!