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Evernote = My Brains!

When I was in school, I carried around a small notebook everywhere. It was my most prized possession. It was full of story ideas, invention drawings, lists of chemical formulas (C8H10N4O2), new words with descriptions, algebra, jokes, scribblings, and just about anything I found fascinating. Yeah, I was pretty geeky. Well, I guess I still am. I no longer carry a paper notebook around. But, I do have a desktop computer, an iPad Pro, and an iPhone. And I run the Evernote application on all of them, and on my work computers as well. 


Simply put, Evernote is a software application for taking notes. For me, it's my brains! I keep all my story ideas, research items, pictures, web clippings, readings, presentation notes, conference notes, to-do lists, addresses, work tasks, events, ... Well, you get the picture. Regardless of where I am or which device I'm using, Evernote is there with me. I can take notes on my iPad and they automatically show up on my desktop and iPhone. It has saved me on many occassions when I came up with an idea, stumbed across a web tidbit, or just wanted to squeeze in a little writing. To have all this flexibility, I pay $35 a year for their Plus subscription. It's well worth it to keep my sanity. 


I have looked at other, similar products. Only because I sometimes get a little frustrated with some formatting glitches, especially when trying to copy or paste to/from Scrivenor. I've looked at Paper from Dropbox, which is very slick, but very pricy. Trying to Manage Google docs & sheets is just too cumbersome. And when I'm writing, Scrivener is my main tool, but Evernote has my story universe for reference.    


The Successful Author Mindset, by Joanna Penn

I not one of those writers who reads books about the technical aspects of writing. In fact, I'm afraid to read those for fear of ruining my voice and style that represents me. However, books that discuss the mentality of what it means to "be" a writer, to think like a writer, or to live as a writer - those are very appealing to me. I stumbled across this book when I discovered Joanna Penn on Twitter. Just the title alone caught my eye. I visited Joanna's web site (thecreativepenn.com) and I listened to an exerpt from the book. I was instantly hooked. I bought the audio version, I've listened to it twice so far, and I may even buy the printed book just to have it proudly sit in my bookshelf and reference it every now and then. Yes, I love it that much! Joanna does an incredible job of explaining what we all face as writers. The rolling eyes of our friends and family members when we tell them we wrote a book. The feeling of tepidation when trying to figure out what our vision of success is as a writer. She explains how to face the doubters and march on. I found myself nodding in agreement with all of her statements explaining what a new writer faces. Then I really got excited when she started discussing how to face true success as a writer and what she has personally learned in her growth to becomming a successful, internationally known author and speaker.


Now, allow me to apologize before you continue reading this review. I very rarely try to convince anyone to buy something. I'm not a sales guy. I'm a writer. I don't like being pushy. But, if you have any doubts about whether this book is for you or not, if you're a want-to-be writer, if you are an established writer, if your best friend is a writer and you want to understand them better - get this book! I'm not telling you this, just to get a few cents in return (if you buy from my link), or to gain some prestege with Joanna. I'm very serious about the value this book has brought to me and I know it will do the same for you.  


More recommendations coming soon.

Stuff I Recommend for Writers

Whenever I do book readings, speak with other writers, or discuss the craft via forums and social media, I get a lot of questions about what tools I use, what books I recommend, services I use, what processes I use, and where did I learn all of this. Well, as with any profession or creative craft, I dove in and learned by doing, and by asking those same questions myself. Much of what I have learned and many of the processes I utilize are discussed in my blog (old and new), but that requires a ton of reading and lots of searching. So, I decided to build this section of the website for providing a single place where other "creatives" can come and find out a little about what I use, and what I recommend for new, intermediate, and even experienced writers.


Be sure to come and check out this page on a regular basis. As I continue to discover new products, services, and tricks - I'll be sure to share that information here, and in the blog if you want a fuller story. Enjoy, and if you have any specific questions about any of the items mentioned here, feel free to shoot me a note via the Contact page and I'll be happy to respond when I can.



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