Author & Technologist

With my 25+ years of traditional and independent publishing in both the fiction and non-fiction industries, I can provide you with an analysis of your writing for guiding you down the right path toward becoming a published author. Why waste time and money on learning for yourself when you can rely on the proven experience of a professional writer? 

Here is what you can get:

  • Review and analysis of your writing.
  • Honest feedback on the potential success of the writing.
  • Recommendations on how to improve your writing and marketing.
  • Feedback on story flow and character development.
  • Recommendations on electronic and print distribution.
  • Proofreading and grammar checking.
  • Services available for 3k, 4k, and up to 5k words. (More per personal contract.)


I use Microsoft Word for markup and content recommendations, and I will provide a 1-2 page review with recommendations for targeting your work for successful publication.


Most of my experience is in creative science fiction, urban fantasy, business management, and in computer industry non-fiction publications and articles. I also work with self-help and best practices content. (PG13/PG/G rated content only.)

Independent and Self-Publishing Consulting

Freelancing Services

Averetek Platform Client and Admin Services

The Averetek Channel Marketing Platform provides a web based branding and campaign distribution service for channel marketers. More information about this platform can be located here:

With almost 8 years of technical support and use of this platform I can provide expert and professional management services for the following areas:

  • Administrative reporting
  • Content creation and management for campaigns, guides, resources, images, media, syndicated pages, social posts, and full-service requests.
  • Localization updates for foreign language support.
  • Attribute management.
  • Geographic management.
  • Internal User management.
  • Partner account management.
  • Technical support interaction with Averetek.
  • Partner & User training on the platform.
  • Campaign execution and monitoring.
  • Contact list grooming, uploads, and management.
  • Technical and User documentation.
  • Video scripting and recording.
  • Presentation preparation.
  • And much more.


As a freelancer, I provide an extensive set of skills for helping with non-fiction & creative writing services, business management services, channel and consumer marketing services, and various technology services. Most of these you will be able to find on my site. I am also open to considering any requests that you think I might be able to assist with. Feel free to contact me via email with your inquiry.