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FileMaker Key Accomplishments

As a FileMaker developer, I've had the opportunity to work on many different projects, from small to very complex. Here is a listing of some of the projects I've been able to work on:

  • Online Help Management System - One of the most complex, but coolest, projects I've ever worked on. Worked with a team from Soliant Consulting in developing an application for creating and generating online help content. The application would manage the content and would generate the required HTML/XML source.
  • Get A Job - This is one of my personal projects I'm building for helping people who are looking for a job. Keeps track of potential employeers, job offerings, resumes, action items, and submissions. It's still in the works, but I'm making great progress on it. It will be available as "Donation Ware".
  • Fetch (Courier Management and Tracking System) - Originally designed for a client who abandoned the project. Details above. It's around 90% complete and could be wrapped up with a solid couple weeks of work. I've not decided yet if I want to re-market or sell to another distributor in the Courier industry.
  • I Got Issues (Issue Tracking System) - This is a feature/task request and issue tracking system desinged for embedding/integrating into existing FileMaker applications. I used to market this when I was running Data Design Labs. I'm currently rebranding it and will be making it available as Donation Ware.
  • Bakery Ordering System - I was contracted to take an old FileMaker application and modernize it. I implemented table relationships and a custom UI for ease of use. Is used for tracking customers and their orders.
  • Student Tracking System - One of my very first FileMaker projects (FM 5.5) was for a charter school. This flat table based app provided data and reporting of enrolled students, their courses, and status.
  • QuickBooks Integration - While employeed with SolutionMakers, I was tasked with the creation of a FM based application which would provide interfacing with QuickBooks. While it turned into a very complex implementation, due to the convoluted data structure of QB, I was quite proud of the end result.

Planned Projects

I have the same issue with FileMaker projects that I have with being a writer - too many ideas and not enough time to work on them. Here are a couple I am scoping out:

  • Beyond The Rim - BTR is a concept I've been scoping out for almost 20 years. Originally conceived from the old computer game Elite. Then EVE happened and totally blew away any concepts I had of a space based sandbox game. However, the concept still lives from the aspect of trying to proove that FileMaker has the potential of being the development environement for a multi-user, real-time, gaming platform. I already have the specifications written out and the core database structure defined. Now I just need time or a clone.
  • DocuSign Integration - Recently I had the opportunity to explore the DocuSign API environment for developers. I'm very intrigued and would like to create a demo of integration with FileMaker. If I can pull this off, it might result in a job offer. ;)

FileMaker Developer

Courier Tracking System

One of the most complex FileMaker applications I worked on was a Courier Business Management System, called "Fetch". A highly customized User Interface was designed and implemented for presenting an easy to use system for the end users. Originally developed under FM 8.5 with FM Server 9.0, and recently upgraded to FM 17. Key areas of functionaly are:

  • Delivery Ticket creation and tracking.
  • Map and delivery route display.
  • Emailing of assigned tickets to couriers.
  • Customer Management.
  • Address Management with Zone Assignments.
  • Courier Management.
  • Zone Management.
  • Invoice creation and tracking.
  • Payments and Credits tracking.
  • Creation of automatic ticket scheduling.
  • Application User Management.
  • Data exporting and importing.
  • Integrated Issue Tracking system for reporting defects and change requests.

Here are some screens and descriptions from the application: (Click on an image to zoom in.)

I have been a big fan of FileMaker for many years. Ever since version 5.5 which I used for developing a student database for a charter school. Since then I have developed multiple FM applications, simple and complex, and I have authored the "FileMaker Pro Design and Scripting for Dummies" book. So, this page is for providing a brief snapshot of some of my work with this amazing, cross-platform, rapid application development tool. Feel free to visit the FileMaker site for more information. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your FileMaker project opportunities.